Doorly's rum is produced in the Foursquare factory on the Caribbean Island of Barbados. It is named after the founder Martin Doorly, who began producing his rum in the 1920s. This makes Doorly's one of the oldest brands of rum in Barbados.      

Doorly's bottling plan building with its logo on the wall surrounded by green nature
Doorly's bottling plan


Doorly's rum is world-renowned for being as smooth as silk, elegant and luxurious. Every bottle of Doorly's is handcrafted with a flavour mixture of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg. Each has its own recipe.

More importantly, all of Doorly's rum contains no added flavours, sugars or additives.      

Bundle of cinnamon
Ginger root with cut open slices
A pile of nutmeg powder with a whole nutmeg on top
Pieces of toffee


Doorly's rum is produced in Foursquare distillery, using the same methods of production. It is produced from using yeast imported from South Africa. Then a two-step fermentation process which is computer temperature controlled is adopted in the production of Doorly's rum. It is followed by the slow addition of Molasses imported from Guyana over a twenty-hour period.

All Foursquare rums are a mixture of pot and column distilled, and Doorly's is no different. Foursquare always blends their spirits and lets them mature in American white oak ex-bourbon casks. Some rums will be blended again and undergo the second maturation before being bottled usually at 40%.

Doorly's is home to a lot of premium rum bottlings. Notable releases of Doorly's are the 3-year-old, 12-year-old and the XO rum. The Doorly's 3-year-old is a white rum, which is smooth with hints of vanilla. The 12-year-old rum has notes of tropical fruits, toffee, banana, vanilla and tobacco, with a long warming finish from being secondary aged in sherry casks. Doorly's XO Rum is a premium sipping rum, with flavours of toffee caramel, raisins and vanilla. The XO is distinguished by a second maturation phase in Spanish oloroso sherry casks, which gives it an extra aroma finish and a unique flavour profile to savour.

Besides, Doorly's has other releases with age statements at 5 years old, 8 years old and 14 years old. Each of them contains an interesting and complex taste profile.     


The Rum Duty Act of 1906 in Barbados changed the way that rum could be distributed from Barbados. Essentially it meant a two-tier system came into place where distillers could only sell in bulk. This forced wine and spirit merchants to create their own brands.     

Sunshine landing on casks standing next to each other in Foursquare warehouse
Cask ageing at Foursquare

Two years later in 1908, Martin Doorly & Co was registered as a brand. This soon became Doorly Macaw Rum which traded both white and dark rums in bulk. However, Doorly Macaw Rum was the first bottled rum to be exported from Barbados.

Not much is recorded around the business of Doorly Macaw between this time and 1993, at which time it was known as simply just Doorly's. In the same year, R. L. Seale purchased Doorly's brand. The whole production of Doorly's rum was then moved to his Foursquare distillery. R. L. Seale also decided that the Doorly's brand would continue to trade under its name, keeping the traditional bottling, design and Neotropical Parrot image on the bottle as a recognisable trademark. Doorly's would also become a focused export brand for the Foursquare distillery.